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Searching for an affordable moving van rental service? You need to look for a reputable company, which will give you a van that is in a good condition at the scheduled time. Don’t select a service provider only on the basis of the lowest quote.

A moving van can be used to move people and small loads. A well maintained late model  will be safe, reliable, and fuel-efficient. An older truck may be unsafe and unreliable.

Rent a van that is slightly larger than what you need, so you will be able to move everything in one trip. If it is not possible for a larger van to reach your home, you can consider renting two smaller vans.

If you are relocation a long way, you need to look for a one way rental company, which will allow you to return the van at a place close to your destination.

It is best to start looking for a dependable moving truck rental service well before the day of your move. Shop around and compare offers from different service providers. Make sure that the rental companies are licensed and insured, and see if their employees seem to be polite and helpful.

The cheapest quote isn't always the best quote

Watch out for lowball quotes. If a truck rentals company gives you a quote that is a lot lower than the others, check it carefully to see if there are any hidden charges involved.

Read the operating instructions provided by the truck rentals service, and take time to learn how to handle the vehicle. Check the vehicle carefully, and ask the service provider to record pre-existing dents, scratches, and other deterioration, before you sign for it.

Load the heaviest items first and place them in the front and on the floor. Lighter items need to be kept at the rear and on top. Partial loads should be kept at the front of the van and secured with ropes to prevent them from moving around.

If you make an online booking, print out the details and keep a copy for your records. Call up the moving van company a day before you need the van to confirm that it will be available at the scheduled time.

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