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Car Movers and Tips on Car Moving

Car movers play a vital role in the moving process because there are several circumstances where it might not be possible, or wise, to drive your vehicle to your new home. The distance might be too long, in which case you may get very tired from the move, you might be moving the car to another country, you might be moving a car that is not in good running order, you might be moving a classic car, and many other scenarios.

Check the company before handing your car

An important car moving tip is to pick the car movers carefully. There are auto-shipping companies that are just fronts for criminal activities such as identity theft and other cyber crimes and some are in the business of stealing cars.

You should therefore do research on the auto-shipping companies you are considering. It is wise to stick with auto-shipping companies that are well known since such companies have to protect their reputations, or companies that have been recommended to you by someone you trust, such as your friend or a relative. If you settle for other auto-shipping companies, check the licenses with federal and state agencies such as the Federal Department of Transportation.

You can also determine the credibility of such companies by checking with the Better Business Bureau, with the Household Goods Forwarders Association or/and with the American Moving and Storage Association, among others. You should also ask for references/customer testimonials.

Another important car moving tip is to prepare the vehicle adequately before the move. You should not leave any personal possession in the car because this might attract car thieves, you should turn off the alarm to prevent complications if it goes off while in transit, you should only have enough gas for the vehicle drop-off and pick-up to reduce the car’s weight, you should wash the car thoroughly and you should record the state of the car before handing it over, secure lose parts or remove them, fold back mirrors and retract the antennae, make sure there is antifreeze in the car if you are moving it during winter months, etc. Your auto-shipping company should advice you on any other thing you should do. For convertibles, secure the top properly.

When doing auto-shipping, inspect the car thoroughly after it has been delivered. Some unscrupulous company employees may steal parts that you may take weeks or months to discover. If you notice that there is something missing or that there is physical damage, even scratches, you should contact the auto-shipping company immediately. Delays may mean you miss out on any insurance payment.

Some costs saving tips are to use open trailer trucks instead of closed ones and to do the auto drop-off and auto pick-up yourself.

Auto-shipping is very important because you might be in a situation where it is impossible or inconveniencing to drive the car to your new home. You should have relevant information on auto-shipping companies and you should know tips that will make the auto-shipping as smooth as possible.

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