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Long Distance Moving – avoiding rogue movers

Long distance moving goes on everyday and as such, may rogue movers are taking advantage. You should be armed with tips on how to detect rogue movers. To avoid rogue movers when doing long distance moving, you should first know what to expect from credible movers. Credible long distance moving companies offer various services and they advertise these services on their websites and on other websites that give you lists of online moving estimates from different companies. Long distance moving companies are in business and so you expect them to have rates that leave them with a profit. However, you should be careful because even reputable and well known companies have been involved in scams. You should not go for a long distance mover just because your friend used them successfully or just because the company advertises on TV – do research on all companies.

One way of discovering rogue long distance movers is to look at the online moving estimates. You should compare the rates charged by different companies and this way, you will get a picture of what is fair. You should single out long distance moving companies that have unrealistically low rates. Other rogue long distance movers do not steal your money or your cargo; they just overcharge you once the cargo has reached its destination. This can be remedied by asking for the contract and by going through it carefully, preferably with the help of your lawyer. Look at the fine print carefully because rogue long distance movers hide important clauses there. You can also remedy this problem by signing a binding quote and not a non binding quote.

You can discover rogue long distance movers by looking at the licenses by local and federal agencies. In most cases, rogue long distance movers will not have registered with such organizations. You should look at a company’s registration certificate with the FMCSA, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You should also ask for the company’s USDOT or US Department of Transportation number – cross-reference this number with the FMCSA’s database at the FMCSA’s website.

Other rogue long distance movers give you a service of a lower quality or fail to offer some of the services you ordered. You can know such rogue movers by looking at the comments section of their websites or by asking for customer testimonials. You should be weary of long distance moving companies that subcontract your move. This is because you have no way of knowing whether the employees of such companies are well trained or have enough experience, you have no way of knowing the condition of such trucks, etc.

Since long distance movers have to pay high premiums to cover your cargo against theft and physical damage, some rogue long distance movers fail to pay such premiums. You should ask for the insurance policy before the move and you should go through it carefully – get a lawyer if the lingo is too technical.

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