Self service moving

Self Service Movers – merits and demerits

Self service movers offer a service that lies between what is offered by full-service moving companies and what you get with self-moving. This means if you use self service movers, you will get the advantages of full-service moving and those of self-moving. The greatest advantages of full-service moving that you get are convenience and professionalism and the advantages of self-moving are low costs and the fact that you get to pack your own things.

So, how does self service moving work? This moving option works by the client doing all the packing and the moving company doing the transportation. There are two options available. The first option is that the self service moving company brings a truck to your driveway and leaves the truck for a pre-determined amount of time, or until you call them back. You do all the packing and loading and when you reach your new home, you do all the unloading and unpacking. The second option is that the self service moving company brings a mobile storage container to your driveway and you pack and load the truck. The self service moving company then picks the truck and once you arrive at your new home, you do the unloading and the unpacking. The second option is better because if you cannot move into your new home immediately for whichever reason, you can use the storage container as temporary storage.

Merits of self-service moving

The greatest merit of self-service moving is that you pay less than you would with full-service moving companies and you still get the same services. This means you still get services that you would not get with self-moving such as auto-shipping services, storage services, crane services, etc. Another merit of self-service moving is that you get to pack your own things. This is important in that you will not attract thieves and you will know what is valuable, meaning you can take better care of such items. Another merit of self-service moving is that with most companies, you only pay for space used and not for the entire truck or storage container. You get standard insurance, something you will not get with self-moving.

Finally, there is peace of mind because you do not have to drive the truck to and from your new home – with self-moving, you drive the whole way. You will enjoy the moving process more and it can be used as a way of bringing the family together – you cannot do this with full-service moving.

Demerits of self-service moving

The demerits are less significant, but you should consider them too. One demerit of self-service moving is that you have to do the packing and loading. With no professional packing and loading help, there is a greater risk that some items might break in transit. You also spend a lot of time and energy on the moving process – this can increase your stress levels and can affect your day job.

Here at you can get more information on the merits and demerits of self-service moving and for online moving estimates of different self service movers.

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