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Small Moving Vans for Your Small Move

Small moving vans, or cargo vans, are ideal for small moves, that is, if you have few items to relocate, or if you are relocating locally as well. They are also best if you choose to do self-moving, whereby you pack and load your items for yourself and drive to your new location. Small moving vans are not only used for domestic relocations, but also for business deliveries and taxi services.

Small moving vans can be used for local moves or interstate moves, but most small moving van companies provide their services for small items and local moves only. They also provide services for moving individual items from one location to the other.

The maximum load that a small moving van can accommodate is about 3,500lbs. Its fuel tank capacity is 35 gallons. Most small moving vans can give you about 15 miles per gallon of service, and this is maximized by restricting the van to local distances and small loads.

Renting a small moving van is charged per day, and if you surpass the 24 hours, there are additional charges that are calculated per hour. Ask the rental company about these fees before renting the small moving van. There is also the drop-off fee, whether you are returning the small van to the same company or to a different branch of the same.

Before choosing to rent a small moving van, do consider first the size of the load that you want to move. If it can be carried efficiently by a small van, go for it. If not, you could look for other vehicle options such as larger moving trucks or vans. Also, if your budget can only allow you to rent a small moving van, look through your items and sort out the pieces that you may not require to move.

Also consider the fuel efficiency of the small moving van. You want the best mileage possible, which saves you money for fuel. Always ask the moving van rental company about this and seek confirmation from others as well.

Consider also the mechanical state of the small moving van. You may get good mileage but the vehicle is uncomfortable or unsafe to drive. You will need to ensure that you choose the best vehicle for yourself that will ease the physical strain of driving, and that will not break down during the relocation.

If need be, ask the rental company whether they provide extra tools for moving items such as padding for your fragile items, or ramps for loading the small moving van. These will cost a little extra on your part, but if you can pack and load without much need for them, save the money and time.

Also make sure that you have the valid driving requirements before renting the small moving van. A different type of driver’s license experience is required to drive a van, so if you do not meet the requirements, hire a qualified driver to transport your items.

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