Storage Tips

Storage Tips - before or after moving away

Storage tips - before or after moving are important in that they help you to avoid losing your belonging or money and belongings, to avoid getting overcharged, to avoid picking the wrong company, to get the best possible service, and in many other things.

An important tip on storage is that you should store as little as possible because storage companies charge according to the capacity that your belongings will occupy at their storage facility. You should therefore sell as much as possible, especially bulky items such as furniture and appliances – you can do this through online markets and stores and you can hold a garage sale. You can give away some items that you do not need such as books and some furniture to friends, colleagues and/or neighbors and you can give others to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Throw away what cannot be given away or sold. Some storage companies also charge depending on the worth of your belongings since they have to insure your belongings and so you should consider putting very valuable belongings in bank vaults.

An important tip on storage is that you should check the security and safety measures that the storage company of choice has put in place. You should therefore look at different storage companies before making a choice to determine the one with the best services and the best price. An ideal storage company is one that has CCTV cameras, guards, dogs and other security features such as motion sensors on its storage facility. An important tip on storage is to pick companies with a proven track record. You can establish this by asking for a customer testimonial or by looking for recorded incidences. You should change the lock the moment you get a container, just in case someone had made a copy of the key. The storage company of choice should have storage containers that are safe from water, fire or pest damage.

The storage company you choose should offer insurance in case of theft or physical damage to your belongings. You should get a copy of the insurance policy from the company and you should contact the insurance company if you need clarifications. The storage company you choose should be near your new home to avoid paying a fortune on transport and other logistical issues.

Packing is very important as you are storing your belongings and you should use boxes of a uniform size since they are easier to stack. You should have the light boxes at the top and vice versa. You should leave small walkways in between your belongings. Treat metal belongings with rust protectors or wipe them with oily rags.

There are many reasons why people need to store their belongings before or after a move. This has led to the increase in demand for storage companies.

You should be armed with storage tips - before or after moving and you can get these tips at our web site.

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